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Spa heater

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Developed for pools and spas - electrical through-flow heater.
Installation can be made in the suction or pressure side of the pump.

Housing: plastic
Heater element: Incoloy 825 (high class steel against hochwertiger Stahl gegen aggressive water)
Voltage: 230 V ~1N 50 - 60 Hz
Connection: Ø 50 mm; union
max. working pressure: 2 bar
min. flow rate: 50 l/min
Dimensions(mm): l=200mm; w=146 mm; h=165

- adjustable thermostat (range 0 - 45°C)
Integrated safety thermostat
Integrated flow monitor

Art. code. 2-720-100-02-10 - spa heater 1,0 kW
Art. code. 0-10001-15  - spa heater 1,5 kW
Art. code. 0-10001-20 - spa heater 2,0 kW
Art. code. 0-10001-30  - spa heater 3,0 kW

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