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Tablet rinse Active oxygen cleaning systems for whirlpools

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Fresh-Water flush ASF compakt face plate chrome

The Aerospa Tablet Washer is designed around the "Active"
Clean Tab "Active oxygen tablet to rinse with water optimally
and dissolve as soon as possible. With a handy lid
allows the container to open optimally and the tablet accurately
Insert. The stainless steel strainer prevents too large fragments
get into the pipe system.
The check valve ensures that the water is the prescribed
Way goes.
The locking screws can be with a hexagon (Allen)
be tightened even in hard to reach installation position.

Container for active oxygene tablets, chrome 
(without solenoid valve)
Art.code: 2-665-000-13-80

Picture Cotainer for active oxygene tablets

Active Clean Tabs

The solution for whirl baths with a tablet washer

Active oxygen tablets for fresh water rinses
in whirlpools.
Fast-dissolving 20 g tablets
In plastic container with lid
Execution 30 tablets (600 g)

Active Clean Tabs 600g
Art.code. 2-030-620-60-00

picture Active oxygen tablets
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