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Whirlpool air blower Serie A

Air blower for whirlpool tubs, whirlpool and Jacuzzi. Air motor for bubble bath, and Jacuzzi tubs Airsystem

Motor power 500, 700 and 900 Watt
32mm / 37mm hose connection

Integrated design without / with pneumatic switch
Version without / with integrated air heater 300 Watts
Version with / without ozone lamp 2.6 watts (Ozonator for air purification)
Execution 220V / 50Hz - 220V / 60Hz - 110V / 60Hz

More info in the shop:

Blower A-500 - LINK
Blower A-700 - LINK
Picture Air Spa Whirlpool blower

Whirlpoolblower type G with electronic

Aerospa Bypass-blower with separation between electronic and mechanical section.

Electronic control is installed inside the blower for plus minus control and light.

Blower G-08E1L, 850 watt, Art.code. 610-010-08-45
Blower G-08HE1L, 800 watts motor with heater 300 watts, Art.code. 610-010-08-55

Blower G-10E1L, 1050 watts, Art.code. 610-010-10-45
Blower G-10HE1L, 1000 watts motor with heater 300 watts, Art.code. 610-010-10-55

airblower whirlpool with electronic G

Bypass whirlpool blower G

An unique construction seperate the air flower from the water.
This makes the Aerospa bypass blower type G especially safe.
800 watt single-stage and 1000 watt double-stage motor

With or without heater with 300 watts.

Blower G-08, 800 watt  Art.code. 610-010-08-01
Blower G-10, 1000 watt Art.code. 610-010-10-01

Blower G-08H, 800 watt with heater 300 watts, Art.code. 610-010-08-10
Blower G-10H, 1000 watt with heater 300 watts, Art.code. 610-010-10-10

Foto Gebläse für Whirlpools

Blower E

Compact and low cost air blower type  E
Equiped with holder for fixing and screwable connection.
To be fixed on bath tub frames, with pneumatic switch installed
230 V 1N ~ 50/60Hz

Blower E-200, 200 watts Art.code. 2-610-005-02-00
Blower E-400, 400 watts Art.code. 2-610-005-04-00
Blower E-600, 600 watts Art.code. 2-610-005-06-00
Blower E-800, 800 watts Art.code. 2-610-005-08-00

Foto Motor Whirlpool Luftgebläse 600 Watt
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